Well, hello there!

Hi!  My name is Laura Stringham and I’m a gluten free baker. You should know, though, that while I do all my cooking and baking gluten free, I don’t eat that way myself and THAT, my friends, is why my cakes are so good.  I know what good cake should taste like.  I started cooking gluten free about 5 years ago, when my husband and daughter were both diagnosed with celiac disease, and like so many people that I talk to, our family knows the frustration of trying to make meals work, adapting our recipes and most of all, trying to find a decent treat.  Its a rough transition.  Many a tear have been shed in this house over wheat.

We started by trying to find decent store bought cookies and cupcakes and cake mixes.  Because that’s what you miss when you can’t eat wheat… the treats.  We’ve tried so many.  We’ve tried them from specialty stores and bakeries and while my celiacs were just grateful to have something that resembled a baked treat, as a flour eater, I wouldn’t even bother wasting the calories on most of them.  Somewhere along the way, something in me clicked, and I became determined to make gluten free cake and cookies that were every bit as good as regular ones.  You have no idea how much cake I’ve made over the past years and how many batches I’ve just had to throw away.  But it’s all paid off now, because I really believe that I can make a gluten free cake that is not only as good, but it is actually preferred over regular cake.

I’m so excited to share that cake with people out there everywhere, gluten free or not, who just want to eat really, really, really good cake.