Birthday Packs

Let’s face it… birthday parties are always more stressful than we think they’re going to be.  We can make the day a lot easier on you by providing all the yummy cake (and including all those gluten free eaters on your guest list!) We offer a flexible pack with the option to get mini cupcakes because we all know that the kids don’t eat those big cupcakes anyway.

I love these mini 4" layer cakes.  They make the day extra special for the birthday boy or girl!
Our $45.00 Kid’s Birthday Party Pack includes…

  • 12 regular cupcakes OR 48 mini cupcakes and a 4″ mini layer cake for the birthday kid

Our $60.00 Kid’s Birthday Party Pack includes…

  • 18 regular OR 72 mini cupcakes and a 4″ mini layer cake


Both packages include one flavor of cake and custom frosting (up to 4 different colors) to coordinate with your party’s theme.  Any extra decor items, including custom sprinkles, cupcake or cake toppers, etc. must be provided by the customer in advance.


Call today to schedule your party! 801-673-9075


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