Bundt Cakes

Full Bundt Cake $30 – Bundt cakes are a not only a great way to treat your guests, they are also a great value.  Each cake is 10″ wide, large enough to serve up to 20 people!

Small Bundt Cake $17 – These half sized bundt are great to give as gifts or to have on hand for a few people that will need a gluten free dessert.  They are 8″ wide and can feed up to about 10 people


Vanilla – A tender classic vanilla cake topped with a vanilla glaze. Works great as a replacement for shortbread or poundcake!

Almond Berry  (seasonal) – An almond cake baked with seasonal berries inside and topped with a light glaze

Lemon Poppyseed – A lemon and poppyseed cake topped with a tart, lemon glaze

Lime Cream Cheese – A lime flavored cake topped with a cream cheese glaze

Chocolate – A dense, moist dark chocolate cake covered in a dark chocolate ganache


Pumpkin Eggnog (with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting)

Orange Cranberry Bliss

Mint Chocolate

Apple Spice



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