To find out a little more about me, visit my introduction HERE.

-Bliss Gluten Free Sweets is a Utah gluten free bakery, serving the Salt Lake City area.  We specialize in gluten free cupcakes and layer cakes.  All cakes are currently made to order for your events.

– All of my baking is done in my kitchen.  I bake AND cook gluten free. While it is new construction that I consider to be a dedicated, gluten free space (I’ve never even opened a bag of wheat flour in it), my non-gf kids do have things like Grandma Sycamore’s bread kicking around in the fridge for lunches.

– Although my cakes are gluten free, please don’t consider them to be a healthy alternative to regular cakes! Its a common misconception that GF means healthy.  Cake isn’t health food, it just isn’t.  If you want a healthy treat, you’d better just grab an apple. My recipes are specifically designed to be a delicious, full flavored, fully satisfying treat that will be savored by those with celiac disease and preferred over regular cake by those that don’t!

– My recipes are NOT allergen free.  They contain eggs.  They contain dairy.  They probably contain casein (still not entirely sure what that is). Some may contain nuts or almond extract.  I know it can be very frustrating to find a treat that allergy ridden families can all enjoy together, but right now, I ONLY offer gluten free cakes.


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