Did you know?

A big thank you to everyone who came to buy Mother’s Day cupcakes and bundt cakes yesterday.  I sold all but 4 cupcakes, and my family was pretty happy to have those left over for a snack this afternoon.  We loved the Hot Fudge Sundae cakes so much that I they are going on the permanent menu!

If people are interested, I’d love to do this again next month for Father’s Day, with some boy flavors.  My husband really wants Salted Caramel and Toffee and Maple Candied Bacon.


And while you’re enjoying them, did you know that all of my cakes are made completely from scratch? Completely. Many bakers (and most recipes you find online) will start with a box mix that you can add to. Many bakeries will even start with a premade mix that they will doctor up and sell as gourmet cake, but I don’t mess with those. I think that’s one of the reasons people like my cake so much… a lot of people don’t even know what good cake should taste like! No matter what you do to a box to make it better, it’s still going to end up tasting like Duncan Hines.

I even mix my own blend of gluten free flours instead of buying a mix from a store.  Store bought gluten free flour blends often have a variety of flours (including bean flours) that either have a strong, distinct flavor or are grainy as soon as they cool or both.  So I mix my flours, a batch at a time to make sure that the texture is as good as gluten free can get.



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